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THZ International Group is a high-tech innovation company with TeraHertz technology as the core, integrating research and development, production, sales, operation, education, and services into a comprehensive health industry chain company.

Explore the world of water

Water is the life wellhead, up to 70% of the human body is water, the brain contain of 85% water, blood and digestive juices are composed 90% water, yet the water in human body has 6 major functions.

Improve blood circulation

Enhance metabolism waste

Improve nutrient absorption efficiency

Regulate body temperature

Maintain metabolic function of body cells

Promote body's balance system

Main products
A Healthier Lifestyle with THz Water

Terahertz Healthy Water Device

Terahertz Healthy Water Device uses the most advanced terahertz energy generator which releases 0.96THZ waves to act on water molecules. Thus, the hydrogen bond structure of the water molecules is changed, and a stable, linear arrangement of small molecule water is obtained through the terahertz wave.

Terahertz Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

THZ Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser is a healthy water machine that uses the most advanced terahertz energy generator independently developed by the THZ International. It releases 0.96THZ wave to act on water molecules, so as to change the hydrogen bond structure of water molecules through terahertz wave and obtain stable straight-chain arrangement of small molecules of water.

Drink more Terahertz water, it will helps to enhance the activity of human cells, reduce blood viscosity, discharge garbage and toxins from the body, repair every cell, and make it more healthy and vitality.

What People Say

Customer Words

I am 72 years old this year and have been suffering from diabetes for many years. Since my family bought me the Terahertz healthy water to drink, the infection of my diabetic ulcer has been well repaired in just two months.

Ms. Teh

Previously, when my child fell and got injured, my first thought was to take them to see a doctor and have the wound stitched up. But now, my first thought is that Terahertz products are so effective, so I tried using it on my child's wound. As expected, after just three days, the wound cells improved greatly, and my child had a happy smile.

Dorcas Dorcas

I have been using Terahertz water for a year now, and my foot wound has healed, and I feel more energetic. My blood sugar and blood pressure have also returned to normal, so I am happy to recommend 5 Terahertz devices to my friends.

Mr. Wong

Originally, my triglyceride level was too high, but since my family added a Terahertz water device, I started drinking good water every day. Good water leads to good blood. After a year, my blood test report showed that my triglyceride level had dropped to 1.7.

Mr. Lim