Product Introduction

THZ Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser is a healthy water machine that uses the most advanced terahertz energy generator independently developed by the THZ International Group. It releases 0.96THZ wave to act on water molecules, so as to change the hydrogen bond structure of water molecules through terahertz wave and obtain stable straight-chain arrangement of small molecules of water.

Drink more Terahertz water, it will helps to enhance the activity of human cells, reduce blood viscosity, discharge garbage and toxins from the body, repair every cell, and make it more healthy and vitality.

5 Characteristics of the Terahertz Smart Hot Water Dispenser
Straight chain small molecules

More easily absorbed by somatic cells

Low Viscosity

The viscosity is reduced to 680 times that of raw water, and the taste is soft and smooth, which improves the cells absorption rate


Radiation resistance increased by 2 times


Since low frequency can form a natural inhibitory effect on unhealthy cells, this phenomenon is called "destructive interference"


The total antioxidant ratio is 76%, which is equivalent to a 4 times increase in antioxidant capacity

5 kinds of water volume for selection

Selection volume between 150ml-500ml, you can drink as much as you wish

Heat-up in 3 seconds and can be used directly

Avoid the water for secondary pollution, the promise of giving you Terahertz Health Water

7 type of temperature (LED Screen-display)

Don't worry about the water temperature, customize the beverage you want and enjoy a new way of drinking water

Humanized design

ABS material independent water tank design, detachable drain pan

Intelligent memory function

Unlock automatic memory temperature and water volume on second time used or re-energized

Soft-touch the screen integrated operation

Automatically turn to sleep mode after 30 seconds inactivity for Screen Energy Saving

Usage of Terahertz Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Step 1:

Long press to unlock button for 3 seconds

Step 2:

Soft-touch THz Function button, press【Start/Pause】button to start making water.
(Colorful indicator light will flash, once complete the water is ready)

Step 3:

Soft-touch【Water Volume】button to select the volume.
(There are 4 water modes which is 150ml, 250ml, 350ml and 500ml.)

Step 4:

Soft-touch【temperature】button to select the temperature.
(There are 45°c, 55°c, 65°c, 75°c or 100°c.)

Step 5:

Soft-touch【Start/Pause】Start output of water.
(Fixed amount of water, stop when reach volume.)

*Soft-touch【Boiling Water】Default boiling water temperature; Soft-touch【Milk】, you will get 45°c of warm water.

Soft-touch【Start/Pause】to stop the output of water.

Controllable temperature as you wish
Up to 5 temperature modes taking a healthy lifestyle lead

The temperature of the milk is 45°c


The temperature of honey drinks is 55°c


The temperature of fruit tea is 65°c


The temperature of the coffee is 75°c


Cook meals with boiling water at 100°c