Company Origin

THZ International Group is a company integrated with high-tech research and development, production, sales, operation, education, and services, with innovative technological strength and THz technology as its core, forming a complete health industry chain.

Established in Malaysia two years ago, our business has expanded to 38 countries worldwide. In 2022, THZ International Group invested in a partnership with the College of Life and Ocean Sciences, the College of Electronic and Information Engineering, and the Longhua Industry Innovation Base at Shenzhen University to establish the "THz Life Science Research Center", dedicated to the research and development of health products related to THz technology and the application of THz technology to water treatment.

We owned two direct selling companies: THZ (M) SDN BHD in Malaysia and PT TERAHERTZ TIRTA SEMPURNA in Indonesia. With the doubling market marketing model as the core, it aims to create the best e-commerce distributor platform, allowing ordinary people to start their own business and change their lives.

Our business network spans across 38 countries worldwide, including Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia, the United States, Canada, and many others.

Global Service

Our business network spans across 38 countries worldwide, including Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia, the United States, Canada, and many others.


With terahertz technology as the core, we are creating new ways of thinking about health and wellness, and spreading the message of healthy water throughout the world.


Grow up to be responsible individuals, achieve mutual success through integration. Only by achieving success and helping others develop, can a company improve and expand its business globally.

Company Culture

The company adheres to the business concept of "Water Charity, Nourishing Life", focusing on human health and contributing to social development. With the most advanced terahertz technology, we help people in need to improve their lives and health, especially vulnerable groups. Just as our initial intention to establish the company, we take from society and give back to society, and encourage more caring people to join our "Water Charity" cause. In addition to donating daily necessities and cash, we also provide terahertz healthy water, allowing these disadvantaged groups to improve their immunity, reduce the incidence of diseases, and even avoid getting sick, thereby reducing the medical burden on the organization.

The company adheres to the principles of integrity and treating people with honesty, love as the foundation, and starting with care, to create the fastest and most stable business elite through the simplest and most efficient business model, and to help more dreamers realize their life value and achieve a wonderful life!

Brand Story

Well-equipped with the intricate ins & outs of water technology, THZ International Group understands fully the importance and necessity on navigating Life Science Technology in the right direction, which will enable human development to continue apace. Sophisticated pipeline networks and treatment techniques today furnish us with this elixir of life and industry. As intense pressure looms over the planet's limited clean water supplies, technological innovation is once again the much-needed element to save the day.

Derived from the term "Terahertz Wave" (an electromagnetic wave with the same vibration frequency as human cells, which can resonate and activate human cells to its full text extent), our company THZ International Group adheres to the literal meaning of the word and formulates a more pin-pointed and core-designated solution to the perennial problem of healthy drinking water, which is modifying the hydrogen bond structure of the water molecules directly.

Due to the invention of this advanced technology, the company is honored to be awarded by the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand International Committee:



Meanwhile, the company became a legitimate member of the Malaysian Direct Selling and Distributors Association (MDDA) in 2023.

Management Team


Pirscillia Wong


stephanie wong

Managing Director