Product Introduction

It uses pulse pin technology to release up to 23 million high-concentration negative oxygen ions, effectively removing floating dust, smoke, formaldehyde, PM2.5, and other harmful substances from the air. Negative oxygen ions promote metabolism, activate cells, refresh the mind, and alleviate motion sickness symptoms. One-button operation, easy to use, no filter needed, long lifespan working 24/7.

The Six Major Functions of the THZ Air Dominator
Inhibits Bacteria
Neutralizes Positive Ions
Refreshes the Mind
Purifies Harmful PM2.5 Particles
Decomposes Formaldehyde
Eliminates Odors
Benefits of Negative Oxygen Ions
Nervous System

Negative oxygen ions can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, making people mentally invigorated, adjusting the excitatory and inhibitory functions of the cerebral cortex, eliminating disorders, improving sleep, and providing noticeable sedative and analgesic effects.

Respiratory System

After inhaling negative oxygen ions for 30 minutes, lung function improves, lung capacity increases, oxygen absorption increases by 20%, and carbon dioxide elimination increases by approximately 14.5%.

Air Purification

Dust reduction and reduction in virus invasion. After negative oxygen ions combine with bacteria, they cause changes in bacterial structure or energy transfer, leading to bacterial death, ultimately settling on the ground.

Cardiovascular System

Reduces blood viscosity, regulates blood pressure, increases oxygen content in the blood, facilitates oxygen transport, absorption, and utilization, thereby improving myocardial function.

Immune Capability

Improves body reactivity, activates the function of the reticuloendothelial system, and enhances the body's ability to resist diseases and bacteria.


Promotes body oxidation-reduction processes, activates various enzymes in the body, accelerates glucose metabolism, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, reduces lactate content in the blood, eliminates fatigue, and improves work efficiency.

THZ Oxygen Dominator
step 1 step 2 step 3

1. Fullerene Carbon Brush

- Utilizes pulse needle technology, current passes through fullerene double brush needle tips close to superconducting, releasing a large amount of negative oxygen ions.
- Electric current flows, avoiding contact with hands.

2. Screen Display

- Efficiently removes airborne dust, smoke, formaldehyde, and PM2.5 and other harmful substances with over 23 million negative oxygen ions.
- Distance of 5-20 cm can generate over 1 to 20 million negative oxygen ions.

3. USB Charging Cable
Voltage DC5v Power <1w
Current <50mA Supply 2100mA
Weight 350g Material ABS+PC
Product Size 250*80*mm
Negative Ion Release >2.3*10⁷ions/cm³