Product Introduction

0.1 to 10 terahertz waves resonate with our body cells, improving microcirculation. The penetration depth can reach 4-5 cm into the skin. It is safe and harmless. Terahertz microcrystalline magnetic resonance technology, with resonance energy waves vibrating millions of times per second. Through the advanced "gentle heat therapy" generated "deep heat" acts on the human feet, warming the body and enhancing blood circulation.


0.96 terahertz frequency and waveform


Biological resonance energy waves


Rapid penetration and heat conduction


Unblock meridians and balance body and mind

The Nine Major Benefits of A98 Terahertz Bio-Active Machine
Boosts Immunity
Improves Insomnia
Supports Yang Energy
Regulates the Uterus
Tightens and Shapes
Unblocks Meridians
Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relief
Promotes Blood Circulation
Cell Activation
Function Regulation

Utilizes sub-high temperatures between 39°C-45°C to stimulate the synthesis of heat shock proteins, to repair, activate, and regenerate cells for health regulation. Unlike high-temperature therapy, sub-high-temperature therapy operates at lower temperature levels and typically does not damage surrounding normal tissues.

Deep Thermal Energy

The "deep heat" produced by advanced sub-high-temperature therapy techniques acts on the feet of the human body, raising body temperature and enhancing physical therapy for blood circulation.

Comprehensive Heat Circulation Effect

After the blood in the feet becomes warm, the heat is transmitted to various tissues and organs throughout the body, promoting meridian circulation and accelerating blood circulation. This helps in the rapid elimination of blood lipids, uric acid, and harmful substances from the blood vessels, reducing blood viscosity, and alleviating various cold-related ailments, pains, and circulation disorders.

THZ Activator Usage Instructions

Step 1:

- Before using the device, check the power connections.
- Drink a large glass of THz warm water before use to help with blood circulation and toxin elimination.
- Remove metal items like necklaces, rings, and watches.

Step 2:

- Place the device on a level surface.
- Place your feet apart on the electrode plates.
- Make sure your feet are not together and your knees do not touch.

Step 3:

- Press the start button, and adjust the intensity from levels 1-20.
- For first-time users, start with levels 1-6.
- After 5 minutes of adaptation, increase to levels 7-10.
- Or adjust according to your own tolerance of the energy intensity.
- After use, do not immediately take a shower or use air conditioning.


1.The intensity is adjustable from levels 1-20. Each session should last about 30 minutes, no more than twice a day.

2.Do not touch the energy plate with your fingers, as localized high heat can cause a burning sensation.

3.Turn off the power when the body leaves the device to avoid idle operation.

One Time Usage Equivalent To
36 million times
full-body cellular aerobic exercise
2 hours
expelling cold and dampness, boosting yang energy
60 minutes
lymphatic detoxification
2 hours
meridian clearing
2 hours
swimming exercise
1 session
full-body health care
THZ Activator Suitable for

Sedentary office workers with back pain

Poor blood circulation, cold hands and feet

Rheumatic joints, leg discomfort

Foot and leg pain, overexertion

Stiff joints, numbness in hands and feet