Third-Generation THZ-913 Terahertz Healthy Water Device


Activating the miraculous power of water

Product Introduction

The all-new upgraded Helios THZ-913 Third generation Terahertz Healthy Water Device features 6 core technologies, including 0.96 Terahertz energy wave, Terahertz wave magnetic energy, Graphene far infrared, EMS biological pulse, low frequency vibration, and composite superposition effect, bringing you an unprecedented health experience!

The 5 Major Characteristics of THZ-913 Helios Healthy Water Device
Straight chain small molecules

More easily absorbed by somatic cells

Low Viscosity

The viscosity is reduced to 691 times that of raw water, and the taste is soft and smooth, which improves the cells absorption rate


Radiation resistance increased by 2 times


Reduces E. Coli by 95.2% and Trichomonas rubrum by 88.9%.


The total antioxidant ratio is 85%, which is equivalent to a 4 times increase in antioxidant capacity

6 Main Exclusive Technologies

Terahertz Wave Magnetic Energy

Terahertz wave of 0.96 is generated through an alternating magnetic field, resonating with water, objects, and the human body to enhance bioenergy level.

Terahertz Wave Magnetism

Simulates the Earth's magnetic field to form a high-energy field.

Graphene Far-Infrared

Utilizes modern graphene technology to produce terahertz thermal waves. These waves can penetrate deep into the body, with high permeability to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

EMS Biological Pulse

Simulates ancient acupuncture techniques by stimulating acupoints to alleviate pain.

Low-Frequency Vibration

Utilizes different frequency vibrations to simulate hand massage, providing soothing and pleasurable effects.

Composite Superposition Effect

Upgrades energy efficiency through the overlay of functional simulation blocks, achieving a superior dual-composite effect.

New Upgrade Highlights
Six Core Technologies
EMS Bio-Pulse simulates ancient acupuncture therapy by stimulating acupoints to alleviate pain
Mother and Child Concentric Width Design, Easy to Disassemble
Simple and Easy to Operate
Suitable for Different Life Scenarios
Direct drinking water from cells treated with terahertz Heliocentric Force can be used for:
Drinking Water

• Improve intestinal flora health index, effectively improve constipation

• Improve sleep quality, improve insomnia

• Speed up metabolism and reduce blood viscosity

• More effective absorption of health, nutritional products or any medications taken

*Steel pots or aluminium instruments should not be used as this will render the water ineffective

• Moisturize the skin, hydrating, improve fine lines

• Improve facial contour, increase firmness and improve skin elasticity

• It can be used to clean wounds and dermatitis and accelerate healing

• Reduce acne and scars, repair sensitive skin