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THZ International Group is a company integrated with high-tech research and development, production, sales, operation, education, and services, with innovative technological strength and THz technology as its core, forming a complete health industry chain.

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Water is the life wellhead, up to 70% of the human body is water, the brain contain of 85% water, blood and digestive juices are composed 90% water, yet the water in our body has 6 major functions.

Improve blood circulation

Enhance metabolism

Improve nutrient absorption efficiency

Regulate body temperature

Maintain metabolic function of body cells

Promote body's balance system

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A Healthier Lifestyle with THz Water


The all-new upgraded Helios THZ-913 Third generation THZ-788 Terahertz Healthy Water Device features 6 core technologies, including 0.96 Terahertz energy wave, Terahertz wave magnetic energy, Graphene far infrared, EMS biological pulse, low frequency vibration, and composite superposition effect, bringing you an unprecedented health experience!

Sauna Patch

Traditional Chinese medicine combined with modern high-tech terahertz energy chips. Using condensation extraction technology to extract the essence of 18 precious Chinese herbal medicines. Apply the patch to relieve pain. The heat lasts for 1-2 hours. It can be heated for 500 times. Multipurpose and reusable.

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Prostate Cancer Testimony
Mr. Bao Hua Qiang from Singapore is very pleased to share that his father's health has greatly improved after drinking Terahertz water! His father's prostate cancer condition has stabilized.

Mr. Bao Hua Qiang

A Sharing from Sister Jin Yin
#Lupus Made Me Dependent on Pills💊: Lupus caused insomnia, finger inflammation, and pain while moving. While taking care of my sick mother, I frequently visited doctors and had blood tests. Inflammation tormented my blood and cells. The doctor prescribed steroids, but they caused blurry vision and potential organ damage. The pursuit of authentic medicine proved to be futile. #Enter Terahertz Water: By chance, I encountered Terahertz water, and within two weeks, the redness and swelling in my hands significantly improved. Despite five months of prescriptions, I chose to diligently drink Terahertz water. After three months, my blood and cell inflammation, stomach discomfort, lupus, corns, and nail problems showed significant improvement. #The Health Revolution of 0.96 Terahertz Water: Little did I know, Terahertz water became my lifeline, rescuing me from lupus symptoms and improving my overall health. Technology indeed simplifies health!

Sister Yin

A touching testimony from Ms. Irene from Ipoh👍🏻 She shares her personal experience! Terahertz is amazing👍🏻 A great product that has greatly benefited her! She regained her health. Her original conditions: chronic headaches, ear imbalance, sleeping on one side without daring to turn over, and recently, pain in her right hip due to lifting heavy objects😩 Since she started drinking Terahertz healthy water in 2023, her health has gradually improved, she stopped taking Western medicine. Confidently bought the new Terahertz smart plastic strap, her hip pain disappeared and all her body problems have been resolved. She can say she is cured, and she is incredibly happy👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Mr. Wei Zhong from Surabaya happily shares that his wife benefited from Terahertz good water! Since drinking Terahertz good water, his wife's acid reflux rarely occurs, and she can now eat foods she couldn't eat before👍🏻👍🏻

Wei Zhong

Sharing from Grandma in SETIAWAN
Drinking Terahertz water for three months helped improve her stomach discomfort and she no longer needs to rely on medication to control her blood sugar! She feels energetic and spirited every day, and most importantly, her facial wrinkles have reduced!

Ms. Law

Amazing Testimony from Medan, Indonesia
Tini's father, Tony, who is 70 years old, previously suffered from heart problems and had a catheter inserted. It was confirmed that 5 of his arteries were blocked, 90% blocked according to doctors. Tony said he often felt chest tightness and shortness of breath when climbing stairs. Every three to six months, he would return to Penang Specialist Hospital for follow-ups and medication! After his thoughtful daughter bought Terahertz water, he drank it diligently for about three months and felt much better. His chest tightness disappeared, and he felt much more comfortable overall. He no longer needed to take heart blockage medication. Moreover, his wife's three-high problems also improved, and the doctor stopped her Western medication. When good things happen, one feels energetic!👏🏻😍The 0.96 Terahertz water is fantastic, with amazing effects beyond imagination! It is the best, safe, and reliable water device😍👍


Every week, she scans water for her OKU cousin to drink "Terahertz water." Her cousin had skin problems, and she used to see a doctor at least twice a month~ Finally, the effect significantly improved. Her cousin also bought a device to use at home. Second share: Her friend's son rarely drank water before. He had gallstones detected by X-ray. In the end, small stones were passed out through urine. Third share: A tuberculosis patient witnessed after drinking "Terahertz water" that blood clots were expelled frequently. This miracle is a great phenomenon. Therefore, seize the opportunity to learn more! 💛


I have had lupus erythematosus for over 20 years, leading to fourth-stage kidney damage, protein loss, kidney swelling, and skin sensitivity. Previously, drinking ordinary water would cause my legs to swell. Since I encountered Terahertz water, I drink 4000ML daily to help improve my skin tone and sensitivity, repair protein loss issues, and improve kidney function and swelling problems. Thank you, Terahertz water, I will continue to share this good water with more people in need 🥰


The condition of my goiter improved after drinking Terahertz good water for three months. The blood test report showed normal levels, and the doctor stopped prescribing goiter suppression medication.

Hooi Khim

Testimony from a customer who suffered from diabetes, which caused complete vision loss in the right eye. However, with Allah's permission, through persistent efforts of using eye spray and drinking TERAHERTZ 0.96 water, within just a month, their eye began to improve. Surgery was not needed, and they could start to see images such as fans, windows, and light. Alhamdulillah. Scanning TERAHERTZ water showed no negative effects.



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